It’s Starting…

You are the masterpiece of your life, and you’ll never be finished 

amandaHi my name’s Amanda Ibey. 

Do you want to experience greater joy, freedom, fulfillment and inner peace in your daily life?

If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Soon I’ll be launching Just Daily Living, a companion to a story I wrote for Tiny Buddha called, “You Will Never Be Finished: Find Peace by Enjoying Where You Are.”

The responses I received were overwhelming, and I realized there is a larger community of men and women, of all ages, from all over the world, each searching, each seeking, each wanting, to experience the same things in their daily lives.

Things like peace, happiness, fulfillment, ease, love, acceptance, and contentment.

Just Daily Living is about creating and living a life you love ~ one day at a time, and I’m here to inspire, encourage, and support you on this journey.

I’ll share with you what I’ve learned and discovered that led me to fundamentally transform my health, career and my relationships.

Here you’ll get tips, stories, strategies and other little bits of bliss that I used to take an unhappy, unsatisfying and unfulfilling life, and transformed it to the one I live, and love, today ~ one filled with joy, health, contentment and peace.

 I’ll share with you how I lost 40 pounds and three dress sizes, and switched careers from a promising, but miserable career in politics, to follow my childhood dream of living and working as a writer.

All done in less than three years.

No matter where you are in your life, whether you’re about to make a big life change, or have already started ~ know this…

You’re never alone, and anything is possible.  All it takes is a single breathe, in a single moment, to change your life. 

Starting very soon I’ll regularly write on four major areas:

  • Taking care of, and becoming healthy in your body, mind, heart, and soul, so that you can courageously speak your truth and confidently shine. 
  • Discovering, embracing and sharing your unique talents with the world, so that you live more passionately and in greater harmony with your true dreams.
  • Compassionately loving  and accepting yourself, and all the people in your life, so that you experience more fulfilling and authentic relationships. 
  • Connecting with that deeper part of yourself, so that you live with a greater sense of inner peace and contentment.

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Wherever you are in your life, may you know, see, feel and sense the truth of this: 

You deserve to live a life you love, and to love the life you live.

Together, let’s create our lives,  let’s shine, one day at a time. 

May you find peace & love, in your daily living.

Much love, always